About Us

Unveiling Borneo Season Opera II Palcoscenico:
A Harmonious Venture

Borneo Season Opera II Palcoscenico (LLP0032245-LGN) was born on 19 July 2022, brought to life under the esteemed Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2012, recognised by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia).

We are a passionate ensemble committed to creating enchanting musical experiences. With our vibrant incorporation, we bring forth a harmonious venture dedicated to the art of opera and stage performances.

Our mission is to captivate audiences with captivating productions, showcasing the brilliance of talented artists and musicians. As a beacon of creativity, we strive to enrich the cultural landscape of Sarawak, Borneo, and beyond.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we orchestrate magical moments that resonate in the hearts of all who encounter the magic of Borneo Season Opera II Palcoscenico.


Unleashing the Melodic Power: Our Mission for Sarawak's Classical Music Scene

Our mission is to make Sarawak, Borneo in Malaysia, the ultimate hub for classical music in Asia and beyond. We are dedicated to elevating Opera and Opera Productions, Instrumentals, Orchestras, and Choir in the region, propelling Sarawak onto the global stage.

By nurturing the classical music scene in Sarawak, we aim to attract top talent, foster innovation, and showcase extraordinary collaborations. We want Sarawak to be known as a cultural hotspot for music enthusiasts from around the world. Our ultimate goal is to establish a dynamic and sustainable music ecosystem that empowers both established and emerging artists, while nurturing the next generation of musical prodigies.

Through strategic partnerships, innovative marketing, and extensive outreach efforts, we will raise the profile of Sarawak’s classical music scene, positioning it as an irresistible destination for music aficionados and industry professionals alike.

Join us as we harmonise the world with the captivating allure of Sarawak’s classical music scene!

At our core, we are dedicated to promoting excellence in classical music. Our focus shines on Opera, Instrumentals, Orchestras, and Choir, where we strive to showcase extraordinary talent on both national and international stages.

But we don’t stop there. Our mission extends to celebrating the vibrant and diverse cultural heritage of Sarawak, Borneo. We embark on a journey to promote tourism, unveiling the beauty of ethnic traditions, nature’s wonders, delectable cuisine, and captivating festivals.

Through our endeavours, we foster cross-cultural understanding and collaboration, intertwining the realms of music and tourism. Our ultimate goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem, where music and tourism flourish hand in hand. By doing so, we envision Sarawak standing tall as a global haven for music and culture enthusiasts, offering endless opportunities for economic growth and development, while cherishing its unique identity and heritage.

Join us as we orchestrate a symphony of excellence, showcasing the beauty of Sarawak’s classical music and cultural tapestry to the world.

Mission Statement

Harmonising Excellence: Our Musical Mission

Vision Statement

Igniting Passion, Empowering Futures: Our Vision

At Borneo Season Opera II Palcoscenico PTL, our vision ignites a profound passion for classical music within the younger generation. We empower them to view it as a viable and fulfilling career path, nurturing their talents to reach new heights. Through a range of national and international masterclasses, workshops, seminars, and dialogues, we equip aspiring musicians with essential skills, knowledge, and resources, paving the way for their excellence in the craft.

We foster a culture of continuous improvement and excellence by organising competitions, events, and festivals that elevate musical standards. These platforms not only showcase exceptional talent but also recognise and celebrate their remarkable achievements.

As we build a vibrant community of musicians and music enthusiasts, we firmly believe in the unifying power of music. It has the ability to bring people from all walks of life together, fostering love, harmony, and peace. We use music as a medium of communication and bridge-building, promoting cultural exchange and mutual understanding among diverse communities.

By inspiring and educating the next generation of classical musicians, we strive to create a lasting legacy of artistic excellence, cultural enrichment, and social harmony. Join us as we embark on a transformative journey, creating a future where classical music thrives and empowers generations to come.