A Masterful Pianist, Inspiring Teacher, and Accompanist Extraordinaire

Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary talent of Gabriella Gyökér, a Hungarian pianist whose musical prowess knows no bounds. Born in the enchanting town of Komárom, Gabriella honed her skills at the renowned Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest, under the esteemed guidance of M. Bächer and P. Nagy.

Embarking on her journey at the academy, Gabriella initially flourished as a pianist and teacher within the string department. However, her passion for nurturing vocalists led her to transition to the singing department, where she continues to inspire aspiring singers to this day.

Beyond her dedication to academia, Gabriella Gyökér is a vibrant concert pianist who has graced stages across Hungary and around the globe. Her exquisite performances have enraptured audiences in prestigious cities such as Washington, New York, Paris, London, Brussels, and Salzburg. A shining star within her local artistic community, she holds the prestigious role of leading the captivating concert series in Komárom.

Gabriella Gyökér’s musical journey has also been marked by captivating collaborations. Her six-year partnership with renowned violinist Dénes Zsigmondy in Germany witnessed mesmerising chamber music concerts that left audiences spellbound. She even showcased her versatility by showcasing contemporary works at the illustrious opera house in Cairo.

As an esteemed pianist, Gabriella has shared her profound talent with esteemed singing teachers, most notably with the esteemed Professor Em. Marton Éva, whom she has accompanied as the principal pianist at the esteemed Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest since 2006. Additionally, she has collaborated with Nicholas Clapton, a distinguished professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Prepare to be transported by the unparalleled artistry of Gabriella Gyökér—a pianist, teacher, and accompanist whose musical mastery and unwavering passion have touched hearts across the world.