A Romanian Artist with a Passion for Opera and Music

Step into the world of Ioan Vrasmaş, a distinguished Romanian artist whose passion for music knows no bounds.

With an illustrious educational background, including a doctorate in music and a master’s degree from renowned institutions, Vrasmaş’s expertise is unparalleled.

He has graced prestigious stages such as the Romanian National Opera and Pygmalion Theater, captivating audiences with his remarkable talent. From Salzburg to Vienna and Italy, Vrasmaş has left his indelible mark on the international music scene, embodying iconic roles like Zaccaria, Don Pasquale, and Ferrando.

Collaborating with esteemed conductors and directors, he has elevated his performances to new heights, showcasing his versatility and artistry.

Vrasmaş’s musical journey has taken him across Europe, working with esteemed orchestras and agencies.

As a Cultural Organisation Manager and recipient of numerous accolades, including the Grand Prize at the National Radio Romania Cultural Awards Gala, Vrasmaş continues to inspire with his extraordinary voice and linguistic fluency in German and Italian.

Experience the brilliance of Ioan Vrasmaş, a true maestro in the realm of opera.