Sarawakian: From Childhood Music Enthusiast to Internationally Renowned Opera Singer

Discover the extraordinary musical journey of Jeanne-Marie Druce, a true prodigy whose passion for music ignited at the tender age of four.

From captivating childhood moments spent immersed in the timeless melodies of “The Sound of Music,” to joining the Carmelite choir in Sarawak, Jeanne-Marie’s innate talent flourished.

Despite the absence of formal vocal training, she taught herself to play the piano and soon found herself auditioning for piano and vocal studies at the renowned Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Sydney.

Her exceptional vocal prowess was quickly recognised, leading her to complete Honours and Master’s degrees in just 3.5 years.

Seeking new horizons, Jeanne-Marie embarked on a transformative journey to Budapest, where Maestro Alfio Grasso unlocked the full extent of her vocal abilities.

Now based in Budapest, Jeanne-Marie mesmerises audiences with her captivating performances, adapting her remarkable vocal range to suit diverse styles and settings.

Her impressive accolades, international concert recitals, and competition triumphs reflect her unwavering dedication and extraordinary talent.

Fluent in English and proficient in German and Italian, Jeanne-Marie’s enchanting artistry transcends language barriers, captivating hearts worldwide.