Unveiling the Beauty of Forgotten Music

Immerse yourself in the world of Silvano Frontalini, a world-renowned Italian conductor celebrated for his mastery of classical music and his remarkable talent for rediscovering forgotten treasures. With a career spanning continents and a passion for unearthing unreleased compositions, Frontalini has left an indelible mark on the classical music landscape.

Born on December 10, 1948, in Ancona, Italy, Frontalini has conducted captivating performances across Europe, Japan, the United States, Cuba, China, and Brazil, captivating audiences with his orchestral concerts, chamber ensembles, choral symphonies, operas, and ballet productions. His immense discography boasts over one hundred CDs, many of which feature world premiere recordings that unveil the hidden gems of the classical repertoire.

Frontalini’s love affair with classical music blossomed during his studies in band instrumentation, orchestra conducting, and composition at an esteemed Italian institution. He further honed his craft under the guidance of the legendary Sergiu Celibidache during specialisation courses in Trier, Germany, in 1978. Sharing his expertise, Frontalini also served as a conducting instructor at the “Gioacchino Rossini” conservatory in Pesaro and conducted enlightening master classes in Spain.

The accolades bestowed upon Frontalini bear testament to his unwavering dedication. His remarkable rediscovery of the works of Modican composer Pietro Floridia earned him honorary citizenship in Modica. His recordings have graced the airwaves of Italian, Norwegian, Romanian, Czech, and Polish radio and television, captivating audiences worldwide. His musical legacy has reached over 3,700,000 subscribers through the renowned Halidon platform.

Notably, Frontalini is an ardent advocate for the “restoration of Verdi’s music” through the introduction of the 432 Hz tuning fork known as “LA VERDIANO,” of which he is a tireless champion worldwide. His expertise was also sought as the artistic, execution, and organisational director of the monumental world event held in Cairo, culminating in the inauguration of the largest museum in Giza and the world premiere of the awe-inspiring work, “TUTANKHAMUN.” Recently, he assumed the role of Artistic Music Director for the esteemed association Asso Castelli, bringing the enchantment of Musical Culture to Italy’s most magnificent castles.

In conclusion, Silvano Frontalini’s passion for classical music, his masterful conducting, and his unrivalled dedication to rediscovering forgotten compositions inspire artists and enthusiasts alike. His vast professional experience, exceptional education, and numerous accomplishments have secured his place among the great luminaries of classical music. As we revel in his artistry, we eagerly anticipate the continued exploration and preservation of the rich tapestry of classical music for generations to come.